These Guys Don't Stink, But Their Contracts Do

These Guys Don't Stink, But Their Contracts Do

Mike Trout. Andrew McCutchen. Ryan Braun. We've broken down the 50 most valuable trade assets in baseball, a list stuffed with MVP candidates and colossal bargains.


Unfortunately, many teams aren't lucky enough to have blue-chippers signed to wildly favorable contracts. Worse, some of those teams are carrying players signed to deals that are so miserable, you couldn't give them away for free. We've brought you Grantland's MLB Trade Value Rankings. Time for the Negative Trade Value Rankings.


The players you'll find on this list aren't uniformly bad. In fact, several of them would be great assets to all 30 teams; that is, if their contracts weren't so terrible for their employers. But all of them would attract little to no interest if they were made available for trade tomorrow. In many cases, you'd have to pay the other team just to take these players off your hands (see the sidebar for a full list of Trade Value rules).


Let's meet our albatrosses.

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