Urban Meyer Wins Games But Not Fans

Urban Meyer Wins Games But Not Fans

People watch sports to get away from the stress of real life. Sports are simple. One team wins, one team loses. Good guys are celebrated, and bad guys are exposed. It works and makes people happy.

The truth, though, is that it is not that simple. People don't fit exactly into the role of hero or villain, no matter how much we want them to. In college football, Urban Meyer has become a villain in his new conference, but why is that the case?

The easy answer is that Urban Meyer wins. It’s easy to hate a guy who wins all the time. It’s why people hate Nick Saban and Alabama. His resume is sterling: Two undefeated seasons. Two national championships. Four conference championships. He has a career .835 winning percentage. The worst season of Meyer’s career, his team finished 8-5. Wherever he goes, he wins. However, there’s more to it than just winning.

Urban Meyer is not a colorful personality. He doesn't give the rest of the world a lot to work with. Meyer’s not Les Miles, speaking in tongues with a knowing wink and a smile. He’s not Steve Spurrier, putting 50 points up without a care in the world. Very rarely does Urban Meyer say interesting things, and when he does, sometimes it ruffles some feathers.

Some consider this the insidious creep of the dreaded SEC.

Meyer’s job is to win football games, not make friends, and he is very, very good at his job. Just because he makes an easy villain does not actually make him a villain.

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