A True Hero Worthy of the Name

A True Hero Worthy of the Name

The building was designed specifically as a stage for our "heroes" to play football, soccer or basketball, but not until Monday afternoon did Cowboys Stadium honor a person truly worthy of that description.

The memorial service for the murdered ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was a sobering reminder of what valor, sacrifice, selflessness, toughness, loyalty, heroism and ultimately loss actually look like in a venue that hears those words because we don't have a thesaurus handy.

Sports and sports journalists (guilty as charged) often apply some of the same descriptions for jocks and games as those who spoke Monday about Chris Kyle.

Those who spoke, from a grade-school friend to an ex-SEAL teammate to the painful sadness delivered by his widowed wife, all struggled to find a way to describe a man who meant so much. Words were inadequate to describe Chris Kyle, either in his time under fire in Iraq or at home with his two young children.

It is not fair, but the words they used are often the same ones we use to describe a football player, or a basketball player.

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