Football Playoff Will Spell Death for Polls

Football Playoff Will Spell Death for Polls

There's lots to be decided before college football's first final four. Starting with the fact that a playoff will not have the words "final" or "four" in it. Something about upsetting the NCAA and its trademarked-to-the-teeth, lawyered-up grip on those otherwise publicly accessible words.


The commissioners are still busy naming their new toy, but one element is becoming clear: the polls are in danger. Their relevance to be diminished by a selection committee that will have its own members, stats, numbers -- and agenda.


The goal is to be transparent but let's be honest. The NCAA basketball committee -- the best comparison to its playoff counterpart -- has yet to let a media member into the room to see how the bracket sausage is made. BCS executive director Bill Hancock suggested in July that could happen, with limitations on what could be reported.


That's progress, but there is so much we don't know about what they don't know about running a playoff, the future is murky. The only certainty is the polls are about to become game garnish, nothing more than conversation pieces in a sport they have influenced for parts of nine decades.

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