Indians Grab Bourn as Mets Grasp at Air

Indians Grab Bourn as Mets Grasp at Air

The Indians and Mets are both rebuilding. They are just doing it at different rates.

Cleveland's surprise signing of Michael Bourn for $48 million over four years -- plus a vesting option that could take it to $60 million over five -- was the punctuation mark on a wild winter engineered by young GM Chris Antonetti that also brought native son Nick Swisher back to Ohio for $56 million over four years. So that's more than $100 million for two outfielders when they already had a decent outfield.

The Indians got in the game. Good for them.

As for the Mets, well, they might want to push back their target date for contention back a year, or two. And as for the Mets' outfield, to quote their own GM Sandy Alderson from three months ago: “What outfield?''

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