Keeping Vick Might Not Be What It Seems

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Chapter umpteen of the Michael Vick saga finds our enigmatic protagonist escaping career limbo yet again.


Just as Vick's career in Philadelphia appeared to be finished, due to a contract that owed him over $15-million in 2013, a fumble-and-injury marred 2012 season, and the arrival of new head coach Chip Kelly, Vick signed a one-year contract with the Eagles on Monday. Originally reported as being worth "up to $10 million," the deal is worth closer to $7 million, with the rest in incentives. Despite the traditional "agent math" padding, it's good compensation for a player who lost his starting job last year; Vick has once again escaped danger and scrambled toward financial safety.



The shorthand of this story – Eagles re-sign Vick for $7...

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