Keeping Vick Might Not Be What It Seems

Keeping Vick Might Not Be What It Seems

Chapter umpteen of the Michael Vick saga finds our enigmatic protagonist escaping career limbo yet again.


Just as Vick's career in Philadelphia appeared to be finished, due to a contract that owed him over $15-million in 2013, a fumble-and-injury marred 2012 season, and the arrival of new head coach Chip Kelly, Vick signed a one-year contract with the Eagles on Monday. Originally reported as being worth "up to $10 million," the deal is worth closer to $7 million, with the rest in incentives. Despite the traditional "agent math" padding, it's good compensation for a player who lost his starting job last year; Vick has once again escaped danger and scrambled toward financial safety.



The shorthand of this story – Eagles re-sign Vick for $7 million – hides many subtleties, and it's the kind of news that can be misinterpreted. A quick scan of my Facebook reveals that many Eagles fans assume that the deal means that Vick is the team's undisputed starting quarterback and will be running Kelly's read-option offense for the foreseeable future. (Or, as it reads in some status updates, WHEN WILL THIS WAKING NIGHTMARE END?) It's more likely that Vick was re-signed as a placeholder starter until a youngster (possibly Nick Foles, but more likely a Kelly-selected draft choice) is ready to take over.


To understand why, let's unpack a few facts about the Eagles, Vick, Kelly's offense and the realities of selecting quarterbacks in the NFL.

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