Money Pouring In for LeBron, Mr. Nice Guy

Money Pouring In for LeBron, Mr. Nice Guy

Have you noticed something lately about LeBron James? Yes, he’s been dominating on the court, like yesterday when his Miami Heat beat the Los Angeles Lakers, and James reminded Kobe Bryant just who owns this era, reeling off his fifth straight game with at least 30 points. “He’s making greatness look easy,” his coach, Erick Spoelstra said afterwards.


But I’m talking about the non-basketball stuff. Did you see the other night when he passed a ball back and forth with a fan in the stands who was wearing his jersey? Or last month, when he playfully tackled a man who made the half court hook shot to win $75,000 during a Miami Heat game?


 Wait, is LeBron James actually becoming likable? What?

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