Paterno Guilty of Lacking Strong Moral Fiber

Paterno Guilty of Lacking Strong Moral Fiber

Joe Paterno isn’t going to walk on a technicality. He can’t get off on reasonable doubt. It doesn’t matter if he wasn’t given due process.


This isn’t the TV show "Law & Order", and Paterno isn’t a perp. He was never charged with a crime or taken to court in the first place.


So the Paterno family commissioned its attorney to find loopholes in the Freeh Report, issue its own report and start rebuilding Paterno’s name. Paterno’s widow Sue and son Jay were on the interview circuit Monday, on CNN, ESPN, Katie Couric.


It’s desperate and kind of sad, really. And it has zero chance of working.


This is the court of public opinion. No one is swayed by a lawyer saying there is no proof that when Penn State officials said they told “Coach’’ about Jerry Sandusky in 1998, they meant Coach Joe Paterno.


They weren’t talking about the women’s diving coach. But can you prove that? Beyond a shadow of a doubt? This was a bad play by the Paterno family, but maybe the only one. The truth is that their report didn’t come up with much. But they had to go out and sell it to Katie Couric, anyway.

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