Red Sox's Henry Admits Team Lost Its Way

Red Sox's Henry Admits Team Lost Its Way

FORT MYERS — There was a time when Red Sox fans hailed John Henry for riding into town, investing big bucks to deliver two World Series championships in a four-year span, and restoring glory to a franchise that hadn’t experienced nearly enough.


Those days are long gone.


It has been three seasons since the Red Sox went to the postseason, four since they won a playoff game, and last year they even ruined Fenway Park’s centennial with 93 losses. They fired two managers in the past two years. And despite offseason spending binges, they have gotten nearly no return.

Fairly or not, Henry’s image has taken a pounding.


At best, the 63-year-old is perceived as being preoccupied by his other ventures, specifically a professional soccer team in Liverpool, although he emphatically denies that charge. At worst, he’s mocked as a cartoonishly eccentric and reclusive billionaire who is hopelessly out of touch with the frustrated fan base.

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