Why Defeat Didn't Knock Indiana Off No. 1

Why Defeat Didn't Knock Indiana Off No. 1

College hoops polls might be inconsequential noise, but that doesn't make the arguments any less fun. In that spirit, I present the creatively named Poll Thoughts, which you can expect every Monday until the season is over.

On Thursday, Indiana lost at Illinois 74-72 after a late-game collapse and a defensive breakdown gave the Illini -- a 2-7 Big Ten team to that point -- the easiest last-second buzzer-beater these eyes have ever seen.

Five days later, Indiana is still No. 1.

How does that work? It's a combination of factors. The first is that Indiana rebounded from that collapse in Champaign, Ill., with one of its most impressive wins of the season, a 81-68 decision at Ohio State. The Buckeyes are one of the nation's 10 best defenses, and had just pushed Michigan to the brink in Ann Arbor on Tuesday night, but Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo were dominant in Columbus, and the Hoosiers set the tone in the first half and bossed the game in the second. It was thorough.

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