A-Rod Symbolizes What's Wrong With Yanks

A-Rod Symbolizes What's Wrong With Yanks

TAMPA — Joe Girardi seemingly couldn’t wait to tell the world on Tuesday that Alex Rodriguez is rehabbing his post-surgical hip in New York, prompting photographers in the city to go on high alert while offering every indication the Yankees want A-Rod nowhere near their spring training camp.

Girardi tried to explain away anything personal on the part of the ballclub, saying A-Rod’s hip is such that “he’s not ready to do anything with us."

But it seems clear this is about the controversial third baseman’s alleged ties to Anthony Bosch, the Miami man accused by the Miami New Times of dealing performance-enhancing drugs to ballplayers in recent years.

Otherwise, with $114 million still invested in A-Rod, do you really think the Yankees wouldn’t want him rehabbing on site, under the daily care and supervision of their medical, training and conditioning staff?

At this point, however, the new drug accusations make Rodriguez practically radioactive, at least from the organization’s perspective, and all signs point to the brass keeping him away as long as possible.

It adds headline-making intrigue to the A-Rod saga, to be sure, but in truth the Yankees have far more pressing concerns as they open camp on Wednesday than the whereabouts of their broken-down superstar.



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