Baseball Promises Competitive Allure

Baseball Promises Competitive Allure

Some people in New England awoke last Saturday morning unable to walk out of their homes, such was the heap of snow -- measured in feet, not inches -- barricading their doors. Windows served as exits to begin digging out from winter's wicked wrath.

Meanwhile, any true baseball fan, no matter his or her clime, could relate to being so overwhelmed the past two months. In record dumps the bad news fell. After too much talk about steroids, especially from the verbal gymnasts to excuse or endorse their use, nobody won election to the Hall of Fame. The shutout was followed by the grim reminder that even drug testing does not stop the covert willfulness to cheat fellow players and fair play: a major PED scandal erupted in which a dozen active players were connected to a Coral Gables, Fla., anti-aging clinic that is under investigation by MLB.

In these same dark mid-winter weeks, we lost two beloved Hall of Fame gentlemen who wore but one uniform throughout their iconic major league service: Stan Musial of the Cardinals and Earl Weaver of the Orioles.

Boy, if ever we needed spring training none too soon, this is the year.

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