Golf Costs Wrestling Its Olympic Niche

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Look: I know everyone is bummed about losing Olympic wrestling—a hundred-plus years of history and all that—but cheer up! Wait until you experience the nonstop thrill ride that is Olympic golf. You thought the Bridgestone Invitational was bottle rockets in a Fresca can, but wait until the world's best fairway magicians line up their Gulfstreams and fly to Brazil when golf triumphantly returns as an Olympic sport in 2016. Then you will see what the Olympic mystique is all about. Forget the 100-meter dash. Never mind the uneven bars or the long jump. Olympic golf. Come for the adrenaline. Stay for the khakis.

On Tuesday the International Olympic Committee ditched wrestling. Just like that. Not now. About seven years from now. The divorce becomes final in 2020. A...

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