Rush for 1,000 Yards? Vick Just Clueless

Rush for 1,000 Yards? Vick Just Clueless

Now that he has a new contract, Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick has a new outlook on his career -- saying he thinks he can run for 1,000 yards in Chip Kelly's offense. That's great, except for one thing.



It's a one-way ticket to disaster ... for Vick and the Eagles.


Look, the last time Vick ran for 1,000 yards was 2006, and where did it get him and the Falcons? Uh-huh, nowhere. They finished 7-9, and coach Jim Mora was fired. It was also seven years ago when Vick not only was considerably younger but considerably faster, quicker and more elusive.

That's one of the reasons he said that running for 1,000 yards that season "wasn't hard." But this just in, Mike: You turn 33 this summer, you're an injury waiting to happen and you commit a raft of turnovers. So now you suddenly feel that you can cheat time and run for 1,000 yards again?

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