Chiefs Ought to Sack Taking QB at No. 1

Chiefs Ought to Sack Taking QB at No. 1

With two months to go before commissioner Roger Goodell steps to the lecturn to open the NFL draft, I have a prediction: The Kansas City Chiefs don't choose a quarterback with the first pick.


Yeah, I know, they need one like L.A. needs mass transit, and they'd take one if there were an Andrew Luck or Matt Stafford available.


But there's not.

In fact, there's nobody even close, and if you think I'm kidding you weren't listening to what Frank Scelfo, Jacksonville's quarterbacks coach, said about Blaine Gabbert the other day -- namely, that if he were in this year's draft he'd be the No. 1 choice.


That should tell you something about the field. It should also tell you what the Chiefs' first move should be -- namely, anywhere but quarterback.

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