Labs Barking Up Wrong Tree at Westminster

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"Thanks for tuning in everyone. We got a lodda stuff to talk about today—spring training under way, lodda lodda NBA trade talk, some NHL, you wanna talk NFL combine, we can talk NFL combine. But the guys in the booth are saying we have a bunch of calls about the Westminster Dog Show. This is a little unusual. Dog show? For real? OK let's take some of these calls. Let's go to Snick….is that name real? This is not a prank? They're telling me this is not a prank. Let's go to…Snickers in Queens."

"Hey thanks for having me. Longtime listener, first time caller. Look, I'm just going to be straight up with you: I'm a Labrador retriever. And I'm sick of losing at Westminster. Sick of it. It's driving me nuts. This year we didn't even make the cut in the sporting group. I'm...

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