Madness Will Begin Well Before March

Madness Will Begin Well Before March

I depart today for Indianapolis, where selected media will gather at NCAA headquarters to take part in an annual mock exercise, where those who select and seed and bracket the country's most popular basketball tournament each March again will walk outsiders through the process.

The activity is said to mimic what the selection committee experiences, including late-night helpings of ice cream, which I'm assuming NCAA attorneys will serve.

You know, to give them a task they can handle.

The mock exercise is designed to educate, perhaps to dispel many of the myths that accompany which teams make the field and what factors are most used in determining those that receive at-large berths.

Which I believe means convincing us Ratings Percentage Index isn't particularly important and that the committee doesn't own this sick sense of humor when it comes to opening-round matchups of coaches and teams with past ties to their opponents.

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