Big Paydays Can Squeeze NHL Stars

Big Paydays Can Squeeze NHL Stars

Just about a week ago, the normally mild-mannered and media friendly Nashville Predators coach Barry Trotz uncharacteristically lashed out at a reporter that had asked a relatively innocuous question. It had to do with the fact that after 10 games, Predators captain (and $14-million man) Shea Weber had finally registered his first scoring point of the season.

Trotz took exception to the question and everything it implied – that Weber hadn’t been getting the job done because he hadn’t been putting up points. Weber was playing his usual 27-plus minutes per night for the Predators and despite their perennial no-name cast up front, they were once again confounding the critics and staying competitive in the Western Conference.

It was an interesting moment because it highlights an honest disconnection between the 30 NHL coaches, who really only care about two points in the standings, and everybody else: Owners, general managers, reporters, fans, fantasy hockey aficionados, all of whom DO care about scoring points.

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