Is Broner Boxing's Savior? Does It Need One?

Tom Hogan/Hogan Photos

When we first meet, Adrien Broner, the 23-year-old undefeated lightweight champion who calls himself the future of boxing, asks if I'm a faithful guy. We have just shook hands in the locker room of a Bally's fitness center in Colorado Springs, and although it's freezing and overcast outside and swampy and flora-lit inside, Broner wears an oversize pair of Ray-Bans. I have no idea how to answer his question, so I just sort of shrug. He says, "I knew it. I knew you must be about the hoes because you look too much like Jeremy Lin to not be about the hoes." Before I can defend my fidelity or point out just how very little I look like Jeremy Lin, Broner asks his follow-up: "So you're about that Colorado life, huh?" Again, I shrug, not really knowing...

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