Super Bowl Security? They Big to Differ

Super Bowl Security? They Big to Differ

Kobe and LeBron are ready to come in from the cold. We'll get to their real names in a minute, but first they'd like to make a statement:

"We want to apologize to the NFL and the city of New Orleans. We did not set out to embarrass anyone."

That was Joseph Christian Roberts, a/k/a LeBron. He and his buddy Malachi Youngblood, a/k/a Kobe, had the nerve to do what millions only fantasize.

They crashed Super Bowl XLVII. With no tickets, they waltzed right in like they owned the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

What's worse, at least for a red-faced NFL, is Roberts and Youngblood captured it all on a self-narrated video. They identified themselves only as Kobe and LeBron and be-bopped their way into a Level One national security event.

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