Wrestling's Best Hope: Bribes (er, Lobbying)

Wrestling's Best Hope: Bribes (er, Lobbying)

So how can wrestling save itself from extinction as an Olympic sport? Maybe it needs to start bribing the shit out of members of the International Olympic Committee, preferably with vacations and hookers.

The IOC's decision to drop wrestling after 2016 means wrestling has to get back in line alongside seven other sports—baseball/softball, karate, squash, roller sports, sport climbing, wakeboarding, wushu—for a May meeting of the IOC's executive board in St. Petersburg, Russia. After those seven are done kissing the right rings and curtsying for the right poobahs, the IOC will whittle that number down to three. A final decision on which one makes the cut will come after another song and dance number is performed in September in Buenos Aires.

Wrestling supporters have already made their intentions to lobby the IOC known, and lobbying the IOC is considered perfectly legitimate by the IOC (because of course it is).

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