Blue Jays Hope Melky Comes Out Swinging

Blue Jays Hope Melky Comes Out Swinging

DUNEDIN, Fla. -- Melky Cabrera's new teammates greeted him with hugs.

His new fans will no doubt greet him with cheers.

It's easy to say that Cabrera tried to cheat his way to baseball stardom and the riches that come with it. It's easy to complain about the Blue Jays giving him a two-year, $16 million contract that actually represents a raise from the $6 million he was supposed to make (before the failed drug test) with the Giants last year.

Just ask if you hold every player to the same standard.

The fact is that most fans cheer even the worst drug cheats who help their team win. The fact is that most players don't complain about those who have cheated, especially if the one-time cheat is a teammate who is performing on the field.

And the fact is that the biggest question the Blue Jays and their fans will have about Melky Cabrera is how good he can be if he now (presumably) is going to play clean.

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