Rees' Chin No Match for Broner's Skills

Rees' Chin No Match for Broner's Skills

A great chin is something that every boxer would love to have but would rather not discover it in the arsenal. Gavin Rees has a great chin, which he's discovered in 39 fights by relentlessly pushing forward, pressuring his opponent and willingly eating punches in order to get in position to land his own.

A great chin alone, though, won't save a fighter. It's more of a get-out-of-jail-free card against an unexpected punch or two that lands on the button, but it's no guarantee of success.

That great chin is likely not going to save Rees when he meets undefeated Adrien Broner on HBO on Saturday for the WBC lightweight title at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, N.J., unless Rees is able to come up with a style that he has yet to display.

In Broner, Rees is facing one of the sport's elite talents and will surrender advantages in speed, quickness, punching accuracy and power. Broner, making his first lightweight title defense, is in a league with guys like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Andre Ward, the best fighters in the world, in terms of talent. He's exceptionally fast, is devastatingly accurate and can fight going forward or backward.

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