NBA Players United Against Hunter

NBA Players United Against Hunter

This was a big victory for those players who had beef with Billy Hunter -- not all of them did -- and a group of influential agents who never liked Hunter and thought he did a lousy job on the last labor agreement. But you really must wonder what exactly the players won. Their freedom and peace of mind? Sure, absolutely. Maybe saved face? OK, fine. And yet, their wallets will vehemently disagree.

he scent of a lawsuit is almost as powerful as that vote and Hunter will no doubt try to get his pound of flesh. He felt he wasn't afforded due process. He was due $10 million in a disputed pay raise and after all of the lawyering is done, the union will write a check to, at the very least, cover their legal bills. The size of that check could quadruple if Hunter is successful in snatching some revenge.

His defense: He wasn't given the chance to respond to the findings of the investigation or explain the issues. He wasn't even invited to his own firing.

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