The Always Mystifying Kevin Garnett

The Always Mystifying Kevin Garnett

HOUSTON -- Kevin Garnett wanted to set one thing straight. He's not retiring. He's not thinking about retiring. He didn't have any hidden meaning and he wasn't speaking in code. When he said before he left for the All-Star Game in his cryptic KG way that we all don't know what he knows, we proved his point by taking that mysterious aside and running wild with it.

"No, no, no," Garnett said. "I'm just telling y'all that every year you make this is not something you take for granted. That's all I'm saying."

He was asked a half-dozen ways about those comments that this would be his last All-Star game and each time Garnett kept saying that it was all a big misunderstanding.

OK, got it. In the land of KG one never knows exactly what to make of his comments. He spent a decent part of last year's playoff run dropping hints and making allusions, and there was even a running wager among some media folks about whether he was serious about stepping away from the game he's played professionally for half his life. As always, Garnett remains cloaked in his own little mystery.

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