Braves Looking for Big Payoff From Uptons

Braves Looking for Big Payoff From Uptons


The Braves signed B.J. Upton to the largest free-agent contract that they've ever given out. Then they made one of the biggest trades of the winter to land Justin Upton.

A big part of the story was the Braves in transition, getting younger, more athletic, and perhaps more talented all at the same time. Brothers or not, putting the two Uptons into the same outfield as Jason Heyward was going to draw interest.

But it's the brother part of the story that has even their teammates talking.

"I'm anxious to see them interact as brothers," Brian McCann said.

"You can't go to Thanksgiving dinner if you had the second-best year," said Gerald Laird.

The Braves would have taken either Upton without the other. But there are definitely some Braves people who believe that having them together will help get the best out of both.


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