Chapman's Fastball Says Enough

AP Photo

Francisco Cordero kept clicking play. It was late at night on June 26, 2012, and the man the Reds had trusted for years as their closer was up watching a clip of Aroldis Chapman, the man they trusted now. With two strikes and two outs, Chapman threw a collarbone-high fastball past the Milwaukee Brewers pinch-hitter. Chapman works quickly on the mound, limiting his expressions to either licking his teeth or biting his lip. Every once in a while, he’ll do both. But this time, he decided to celebrate. As an umpire indicated the final out, Chapman took two long steps forward, and on the third, descended into a wobbly double-somersault.


By the time he reached the high-five line, Chapman had returned to his normal pose, which meant looking about as engaged as the last...

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