Garnett Says He's Staying in Boston

Garnett Says He's Staying in Boston

HOUSTON – The Boston Celtics can discuss a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers or any other NBA team all they want, but Kevin Garnett says it won't matter. Asked Saturday if there was any circumstance or team that could entice him to give up his no-trade clause and leave Boston, Garnett said, "No."

Even so, the Clippers still believe they can get Garnett to accept a trade if the Celtics tell him they want to make a deal, a source told Yahoo! Sports.

"If Boston came to him with the trade and he knew they wanted to do it, he would change his mind," the source said.

Publicly, at least, Garnett was pretty clear about his desire to stay in Boston.

"If it's up to me," Garnett said, "I will live and die green all day."

Reminded that the final decision is up to him because he has a no-trade clause in his contract, Garnett replied: "OK then. So [why] are we talking about it?"

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