Jeter Eyeing Opening Day, Not Retirement

Jeter Eyeing Opening Day, Not Retirement
>TAMPA - New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter still hasn't begun running yet on anything but the treadmill since fracturing his left ankle in the playoffs, and has no idea when he'll start playing spring-training games, but vowed Sunday he'll be ready by opening day.

"Why wouldn't it be realistic?'' said Jeter, who has a metal plate and screws in his ankle for support. "I broke my ankle in October. Now, it's healed. I'm right where I thought I'd be. …I'm going to have to push myself. It's a challenge.

"I've got to get myself in baseball shape.''

Jeter, 38, who could become a free agent if he doesn't exercise the $8 million player option in his contract, says he hasn't begun to think about whether this could be his final season.

"We're all getting older,'' Jeter said. "I don't think about age. If you get caught up in age, that's negative thoughts.''
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