Lin Glad 'Linsanity' Label Is Gone

Lin Glad 'Linsanity' Label Is Gone

HOUSTON — At this time last year, Jeremy Lin was sitting in front of a standing-room-only horde of media members in Orlando, a hastily called press conference arranged to ease his burden with the fourth estate, just ahead of the annual commissioner's address from David Stern.

Lin, of course, wasn't even supposed to be part of the weekend, but given his stunning rise last winter, and the fascination with his story and background, the league found a way to include him, even though he had made just 11 starts in his career.

And when he spoke, he was mobbed.

This year, the crowd around Lin was more modest, and as much as last season might have been fun, he much prefers the level of attention he draws now.

He doesn't quite put it this way, but discuss the events of last year with Lin and there is a sense of sheepishness, a sense that he knew he was getting more attention than he deserved. Even the very word 'Linsanity' is something he tries to keep at arm's length.

"It was a catchphrase for a little bit," he said. "But I just don't let my friends and family call me that."

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