Maryland Upset Duke in More Than 1 Way

Maryland Upset Duke in More Than 1 Way

Nope, Maryland’s separation from the Atlantic Coast Conference wasn’t going to be smooth and gracious. Not exactly a wave of warm farewell and best-of-luck-in-your-new-home messages.


Lawsuits and countersuits, yes. Condemnation from fans, students, alumni and longtime observers of the school and the league, naturally. And ... a volley of trash talk from an unanticipated source. Sure, why not?


“I have a great deal of respect for Maryland," said a sour Mike Krzyzewski Saturday night, down the hall from thousands of fans still jostling on the Comcast Center court after the unranked Terrapins’ two-point win over second-ranked Duke. He paused briefly, then added: “If it was such a rivalry, they’d still be in the ACC. Obviously they don’t think it’s that important, or they wouldn’t be in the Big Ten."




Yes, there are hard feelings about Maryland leaving the conference to which it had belonged from its inception 60 years ago. And the injured parties are starting expressing it a year early, as the Terps don’t depart for the Big Ten until 2014-15. But, just to add to the saltiness, Krzyzewski indicated earlier that the ACC was unlikely to schedule Duke at Maryland next season.

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