Short on SS Talent, Boston Still Misses Nomar


On July 31, 2004, the Red Sox dealt Nomar Garciaparra to the Chicago Cubs. Since that day eight and a half years ago, 24 different shortstops have played for Boston. Three of the past four seasons have seen six different Red Sox play short. Nine out of 10 dentists agree that's too many.



During that same period Boston has drafted 30 different shortstops, so you can't accuse them of not trying. But, since not one of those draftees has played an inning at shortstop for the major league club, you might fairly accuse them of other things.


To put it gently, the Red Sox have a shortstop problem. To put it less gently, saying the team has struggled to fill the position is like saying cannibals struggle at vegan restaurants. They say those who...

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