Why Braun Lawyers Sought Tips From Lowlife

Why Braun Lawyers Sought Tips From Lowlife

OK, so why would Ryan Braun’s attorneys use Anthony Bosch, a person of ill repute, as a consultant in their appeal of Braun’s positive drug test in 2011?




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Because, according to Benjamin Brafman, a well-known criminal-defense lawyer, attorneys occasionally seek information from miscreants on subcultures with which the attorneys are not familiar.


“I've done it. I know a lot of very good, highly respected criminal-defense lawyers who have consulted with people that might have unsavory reputations,” said Brafman, who has no connection to Braun.


“Sometimes they may have certain experiences that you try to learn from. I've consulted with loan sharks, street gamblers, drug dealers who might impart insight that I'm not going to get from a high-quality trained professional.”


So, Braun’s explanation for why his name appears in records from Biogenesis, the anti-aging clinic that Bosch operated in South Florida, is at least plausible. Braun said in a statement that his only connection to Bosch is through his attorneys, who briefly dealt with Bosch.


Still, even if you believe Braun’s account — the player declined further comment at the Milwaukee Brewers’ spring-training complex on Saturday — it’s fair to ask why his attorneys took such a risk.


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