Seattle Relishing Better NBA Product

Seattle Relishing Better NBA Product

This is a good time to embrace the NBA again.

It's not just a good time to embrace the return of the Sonics, or to build an arena with Chris Hansen footing 58 percent of the bill, or to make the Seattle sports scene whole. Those are all wonderful reasons to consider this a favorable situation for the city and its basketball fans, but here's an underrated and misconstrued benefit: You get to have the world's greatest basketball league back, and it comes during a time when the league is actually living up to that title.

Over the past year, as Hansen's plan to lure back the NBA became clear, I've rededicated myself to watching the NBA. Perhaps some of you have, too. The goal was to scrutinize the worth of the league five years after one of the ugliest relocations in pro sports history.

This is what I now know: The NBA is considerably better than the league that abandoned us five years ago.

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