Cabrera Needs 4th Prong on Triple Crown

Cabrera Needs 4th Prong on Triple Crown

Miguel Cabrera was the American League's most valuable player in 2012, but one teammate says Cabrera should have made himself even more valuable.

Octavio Dotel, the Detroit Tigers' veteran reliever, is still bothered over what he saw as a lack of leadership when Cabrera refused to agree to a team meeting after some devastating postseason defeats last October.

"You have to step up and say something," Dotel told Yahoo! Sports. "Miggy's more about his game. I don't see him as a leader."

Dotel says he approached Cabrera to suggest a players' only meeting after a heart-wrenching Game 4 loss in the American League Division Series to Oakland. He was rebuffed. Then, after losing Games 1 and 2 to San Francisco in the World Series, Dotel hoped again for a meeting. It didn't happen. The Tigers got swept.

Now, in a new season, Dotel hopes Cabrera takes a stronger off-field role on the team.

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