Deal Time: Flacco, Ravens Need Each Other

Deal Time: Flacco, Ravens Need Each Other

The time for the Baltimore Ravens to lock up Joe Flacco is right now. That is no mystery. Both sides desire the same result. And I expect them to get this done.

They will meet at the combine in Indianapolis this week, this much is certain. And, frankly, expect there to be regular dialogue between the Ravens (read: cap guru/chief negotiator Pat Moriarty) and Flacco's agent, Joe Linta, from this weekend until the March 4 deadline to apply the franchise tag, you know, assuming they don't get a deal done before then.

My money is on them working this thing out. Remember, they came within a few million bucks of getting a deal in August, and that was at a time when Flacco's place in the game was much more nebulous, when he hadn't yet had a postseason for the ages and he hadn't won a Super Bowl and didn't have that new Corvette and the Super Bowl MVP and all of that good stuff.

But at this point, certain things are obvious to all.

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