Jeanie Buss Needs to Lead Lakers

Jeanie Buss Needs to Lead Lakers

He was speaking only for his weary and rumpled self, speaking in the singular, sorrowful tones of someone who just lost a boss and friend of more than three decades.


But, in one poignant moment while publicly mourning the death of Lakers owner Jerry Buss on Tuesday, Mitch Kupchak could have been speaking for every Lakers fan.


"Just knowing that he was there was a good feeling to me," said Kupchak, the Lakers general manager. "And he's gone now."


Just knowing Buss was there was a good feeling for everyone, and the fact that he's gone now has instantly become the most frightening development of the modern Lakers era.


Buss was the Lakers' voice. Who will become that voice? Buss was the Lakers' conscience. Who will carry that burden? It was Buss' unique vision that brought the Lakers 10 championships. Who is watching the store now?


Mitch Kupchak, who is your boss?

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