LeBron's Invisible Threat? Paul George

LeBron's Invisible Threat? Paul George

The greatest threat to any throne is the one the ruler doesn’t see.

Many lovers of my favorite TV show "The Wire" were disappointed by Omar’s demise at the tiny trigger finger of a child. It was brilliant. Robert Baratheon, the king in season one of "Game of Thrones," fell victim to his queen’s conniving. He underestimated her ambition. Tupac warred with the East while his problems festered in his beloved West.

As this NBA season turns for the homestretch, I wonder what King James sees. There is a threat to his throne that no one sees, an enemy so infantile and raw that I’m reluctant to mention his name out of fear of being ridiculed, an adversary without a national following and a lukewarm local one.

Does King James see Paul George coming?

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