Montgomery's Behavior Best Left in the Past

Montgomery's Behavior Best Left in the Past

In an era defined by social networking and heightened sensitivity, there are certain rules to live by: Don't mix alcohol with your Twitter posts. If you're getting a bit outside yourself at a party, keep in mind that most everything is being recorded, by someone, at all times.

And if you're past middle age and in the twilight of your profession, never turn off that personal clock. Cal basketball coach Mike Montgomery faces a torrent of scrutiny in the wake of Sunday's incident because he forgot what time it was.

His blackout lasted a good long time, as well. Not only did Montgomery venture into no-man's land by shoving junior swingman Allen Crabbe - that's an off-limits move for any coach, anywhere - he defiantly stated that "it worked" in light of the Crabbe-led victory over USC, and that he'd do it again.

At that point, Montgomery should have hauled out his stack of 45-rpm records and a Hula Hoop. He couldn't have been more out of touch.




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