Murray Ready for Final Run at SEC Glory

Murray Ready for Final Run at SEC Glory

ATHENS, Ga. -- Sometimes the best hangover cure is another shot. Cannonball that sucker. Bloody Marys all around. Shotgun the Old Milwaukee. In the football sense, that's how Aaron Murray woke up the morning of December 2 -- needing a little hair of the (Bull)dog.

"The next day I came over and watched the film," said Georgia's quarterback recalling, painfully, the previous day's loss to Alabama in the SEC championship game. "I didn't want to, but I forced myself."

Since then, Murray estimates he's seen the film 100 times -- the game film of Bama's thrilling (at least to some) 32-28 victory in that title game. That's 100 times experiencing that same result. That's 100 times trying to figure out what went wrong. That's 100 times going numb all over again.

"I beat myself up," he said.

"He's always done that," offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. "He usually watches film the night of [a game]. Watches it here [at the football facility] before he meets his parents whether he's played good or bad."

What Murray learned is that the Dawgs did a lot right that day. They stood up to the defending national champs. They led by 11 in the third quarter. They blocked a field goal. The Bulldogs weren't bullied. Murray was going to be the quarterback that took down the mighty Tide.

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