Trading Revis Best Move for All Involved

Trading Revis Best Move for All Involved

On Monday night's Total Access on NFL Network, Andrea Kremer sat down with New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis for a revealing interview. There were plenty of revelations, and I came away with three strong convictions:

» Revis wants to be the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL and has an excellent case.
» Between the start of free agency March 12 and the draft on April 25, Revis will be traded.
» There is a very realistic chance in a rare win-win-win scenario that Revis, the Jets and his new team all come away very happy.


Revis told Kremer he wants to remain a Jet but won't "pout" if he's traded, understanding the business element of the NFL. He knows he's done in New York. He has held out twice in his six-year career. The last time he did it, during a highly publicized standoff with the Jets in 2010, he infuriated owner Woody Johnson by showing up so late in the summer. Revis angered Johnson even more by getting injured in Week 2 and going on to have the worst full season of his career.

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