Will Kelly Be the Anti-Reid in Philly?

Will Kelly Be the Anti-Reid in Philly?

It may not be fair to compare Chip Kelly to Andy Reid. It's just inevitable.

Reid was here so long, and came so close to winning a Super Bowl so often, that we're bound to use him as a benchmark. That's why, while I was pondering Kelly's actions so far, Reid's infamous binder suddenly came to mind.

You remember: Way back in the previous century, Reid impressed the Eagles' brain trust with his comprehensive plan for success in the NFL. That plan was contained in a binder Reid had spent years putting together and revising, a notebook that was said to be at least six inches thick.

Kelly doesn't have a binder. That may seem minor, but it may tell us more about his coaching style and chances for success than anything else we know - just as Reid's incredibly detailed plan revealed his strengths and, as it turned out, his limitations.

Reid was very good at the details, at planning and preparation. Good enough to build a team that went to four consecutive NFC championship games. But he was not quite as good at thinking on his feet, at adjusting when his plan didn't work or he was confronted by the unexpected.

From what we've seen so far, Kelly seems more like a pragmatist and a problem solver than a planner. That may make him less prepared than Reid to walk in and implement a successful program right away. But it may make Kelly better suited to dealing with issues as they arise and adjusting to changes.

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