Dated NCAA Can Help Itself by Disbanding

Dated NCAA Can Help Itself by Disbanding

The NCAA notified the University of Miami on Tuesday that the school is being accused of a “lack of institutional control,” because it allowed a booster named Nevin Shapiro to infiltrate its athletic department and have relationships with athletes that were both personal and — according to Shapiro — financial.


The timing of this notice is beyond laughable. It came about 24 hours after NCAA President Mark Emmert was forced to fire his hand-picked director of enforcement, Julie Roe Lach, for — wait for it — bungling the Miami investigation.

This is the Keystone Kops vs. Inspector Clouseau.


On Monday, Emmert described Lach’s decision to pay Shapiro’s lawyer for information in its Miami investigation, which was approved by Emmert’s No. 2 man, Jim Isch, as “missteps.” This is the NCAA way: Find a euphemism that fits in place of the truth. (The height of comedy came Tuesday when Shapiro’s lawyer, Maria Elena Perez, said that if she had known how incompetent the NCAA was, she would have advised her client not to cooperate with it. Meantime, she had no problem at all collecting almost $19,000 from the incompetents — while billing them for close to $58,000.)

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