Lakers Dreaming of Jeanie? And Phil?

Lakers Dreaming of Jeanie? And Phil?

Let's take this a step further.


The two basketball experts in town, Magic and Plaschke, have declared Jeanie Buss should be in charge of the Lakers.

This has to be a blow to Jimmy Buss, who probably understands he also won't be Phil Jackson's choice as best man.


But if Jeanie Jackson is running the Lakers, whom do you think she would like to hire as team president?


She's already interviewed him repeatedly, they have experience carpooling to work and I can't imagine she'd be crazy about the idea of getting married and leaving Phil at home alone in the hot tub.


Or worse, as The Times' Mike Bresnahan has reported, there's the possibility Phil might take a similar position in Seattle if the Kings move there.


Now let's see, would Phil be more interested in living in an apartment in Seattle working for the Kings or staying with his wife and overseeing the Lakers?


He's already talking about the Lakers, choosing to talk with Sports Illustrated's Jack McCallum in a published interview Tuesday.

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