NFL Brass Playing Poker at Combine

NFL Brass Playing Poker at Combine

Poked and prodded, timed and measured. Add an incomprehensible auctioneer donning a Texas Ten Gallon to the formula and you’d swear that Indianapolis was playing host to the country’s largest livestock auction this weekend.

Rest easy, fine citizens of the Circle City. Your home isn’t about to be overrun by cattle and cowboys. The influx of travelers descending upon your zip code today come armed only with stopwatches and notepads. Their days will be dedicated to evaluations, their nights spent running up tabs everywhere from St. Elmo to Nicky Blaines. Professional football converges on Indianapolis Wednesday for the start of the league’s annual meat market, known professionally as the 2013 NFL Combine.

One of the most intriguing times of year, the draft process is akin to a hand of Texas hold ‘em, with each team being dealt its two hole cards during the Senior Bowl. That’s when the fun begins. The flop takes place this weekend at the Combine, when general managers and coaches will bet and bluff in the form of statements given to the media. The turn comes during free agency and the river falls on Day 1 of the draft, when each participant is forced to show his hand. The only difference is that nobody in Indianapolis will be wearing sunglasses.

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