Price for Bowers' Honesty May Be Prison

Price for Bowers' Honesty May Be Prison

There are always explanations from these poor athletes in trouble, even the worst kind of trouble, the kind facing an accused murderer named Oscar Pistorius in South Africa, all the way down to some of these baseball players with their tortured explanations of how their names ended up in the books of a two-bit “biochemist” and anti-aging specialist named Anthony Bosch. They all have a story to tell when they are caught. Do they ever.

The king of tall tales, at least for the time being, remains The Rocket himself, Roger Clemens, who now says he barely knew his great and good old friend Mindy McCready, whose life ended young the other day.

“The few times I had met her and her manager/agent they were extremely nice,” Clemens said when he heard McCready was dead of an apparent suicide. That sure makes you wonder why Clemens’ lawyer, Rusty Hardin, referred to McCready as a “dear family friend” to Clemens when the Daily News reported an affair between Clemens and McCready five years ago.

But then Clemens, who really does live in his own world — it could be a theme park, Rocket World! — still can’t understand why anybody thinks that he ever got special treatment or handling or drugs or anything from a former trainer of his named Brian McNamee, as if being acquitted of perjury charges makes him innocent of pretty much everything that ever happened to him, even throwing a bat Mike Piazza’s way one time.



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