Sailboat Busts 'Golden Route' Record

Sailboat Busts 'Golden Route' Record

Famed Italian skipper Giovanni Soldini and his tireless crew of eight sailors obliterated the record for sailing the “Golden Route” from New York to San Francisco, shaving a full 10 days off the previous record around the tip of South America.


The crew pulled into San Francisco Bay aboard the VOR70 Maserati on Saturday, precisely 47 days and 42 minutes after leaving New York and sailing around Cape Horn, following a challenging 13,225-mile route made popular during the Gold Rush — hence the name. The crew easily eclipsed the record set in 1998 by Yves Parlier when Aquitaine Innovations made the journey in 57 days and 3 hours.

“We are happy!” Soldini said in a statement. “The Golden Route is an historic record, a very important and challenging one…. Maserati proved to be a powerful boat, a technological and reliable one. The crew has been extraordinary, everyone was prepared to face even the hardest situation.”


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