Show Your Smarts by Boycotting Wonderlic

Show Your Smarts by Boycotting Wonderlic

They should just say no. Refuse to take the Wonderlic or any standardized test this week at the scouting combine. Why don't they do that? Why won't the NFL's top draft prospects unite as one and just say no?

Maybe it has never occurred to them, or to the agents representing them. Maybe it should occur to them. Maybe this column will make it happen, if not this year -- sometimes a seed takes more than a few hours to germinate and bloom -- then next.

Because the standardized test portion of the combine is more hurtful than helpful. That's an easy threshold to top, seeing how the Wonderlic -- or whatever test is introduced this year -- isn't helpful at all. As in, it doesn't help predict a prospect's NFL future whatsoever.

That's not me talking. That's a series of studies that have concluded, independently, that a prospect's score on the Wonderlic has no bearing on how he will perform in the NFL ... or even where he will be drafted.

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