Thunder Get Good View of What's Missing

Thunder Get Good View of What's Missing

So this is what it feels like, seeing him raise those hands and curl those fingers, watching him pop his jersey, enlarging the script of his hometown team, one you don’t root for, witnessing him bark at each and every one of your players and coaches after he rips your heart out more with each ensuing possession, all while you know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that there’s not a thing anybody can do about it.

This is the James Harden that Oklahoma City came to know and love. He’s the same player that was unceremoniously shipped to Houston last October for financial reasons and the same guy who has been lighting up the league ever since he joined the Rockets as their latest franchise player.

On Wednesday, after escaping his wrath in each of the first two meetings, the Thunder finally took its turn, falling 122-119 inside the Toyota Center as Harden hung a career-high 46 points on his former team.

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