Why Are White House Reporters Teed Off?

Why Are White House Reporters Teed Off?

Are you upset that you haven’t seen video or photos or interviews from President Obama’s round of golf with Tiger Woods on Sunday? At the risk of betraying my media colleagues, I’m not. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to see Obama’s game, but we’re heading into Tiger Time, that nine months of the year when it’s Tiger Tiger Tiger. Anything that shaves a few seconds off Tiger Time is fine by me.


Don’t get me wrong: I love to watch Woods play golf. Against professionals. In tournaments. I don’t need to see him and the president yukking it up.

But members of the White House press corps decried their inability to see the president’s tee shot or interview him about the experience, citing it as yet another example of his inaccessibility. That may be — Obama is still more accessible than many sports figures. I cite Dan Snyder and Strasburg the Early Years as two examples. But what a strange event over which to take a stand. If the reporters who cover the White House feel they’re being obfuscated by the administration, they should make their case over something more important.

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